Social Innovation groups

The Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow invites you to meetings of the group on Social Innovation during which Grantees will present their innovations in the field of broadly understood care services. Social innovations supporting the elderly and disabled from Małopolska are run by Lesser Poland Incubator of Social Innovation.

If you want to read the first results of testing innovative solutions, as well as consult the assumptions and how to implement innovative ideas - take part in the selected meeting. From 5 to 8 February, grant recipients who are already implementing innovative ideas funded by the Malopolska Incubator for Social Innovation will share their experiences, difficulties and successes related to testing innovation.


If you are interested please contact us under the number 12 422 06 36 ext. 34 or via email

At the same time, we remind you that from 29.01.2018 to 09.02.2018, the third round of the Competition for social innovations takes place. For more information, please visit, in the tab: Lesser Poland Incubator of Social Innovations.

We invite everyone interested in social innovation to the meeting, so that they can not only learn what solutions are tested in the Incubator, but also share their thoughts on innovative ideas.