Breeders must look for mating animals on their own. This process is extremely important, unfortunately it can be long and tedious. The right choice of male or female increases the diversity of the genetic pool by minimizing the risk of disease, which in turn contributes to the creation of better conditioned animals. In Poland there is lack of platforms associating active breeders, facilitating contact by enthusiasts who care about maintaining the breed standard.

Moreover, many sperm banks lack services that are critical to the quality and type of offspring. Genetic testing helps rule out some defects before conception. Sexing significantly increases the likelihood of animals of the preferred sex in the litter.

BREEDERS PORTAL - There is no platform on the market that could be used by breeders as a tool supporting them in the daily challenges of looking for the right stud dogs, and an opportunity for an individual recipient to reach a proven breeding farm.

EASYMATE - an internet platform that allows quick, easy and convenient access to breeders in Poland and abroad.

A series of tools allowing for a better selection of father in accordance with the breed standard (color, size, etc.). For breeders, this is an important element when choosing a dog for mating.

SEED BANK - In order to reach a wide audience, it is necessary to recognize the brand in the breeding community. Promotion should go far beyond dog shows, advertising material or "friend recommendations". There is a growing demand for animal semen banking services. The lack of targeted advertising means that existing banks are unable to exploit the high potential of the market.

EASYMATE - Thanks to the frozen semen, transport can take place at any time and anywhere in Europe.

The breeder has the opportunity to breed his masters, even when they are undergoing treatment or after their death.

Thanks to genetic tests included in the Easymate Bank offer, the breeder gains the possibility of using high-quality fertilization material.

Luiza Strąg

An entrepreneur in the IT industry with many years of experience. Co-founder of Multiplay Sp. z o. o., an internet provider covering the vast majority of Krakow homes at a time when only large telecommunications companies had a monopoly on this type of service.
After 10 years of dynamic activity, the company was purchased by one of the largest Polish telecommunications operators, Netia SA 
Personally a dog lover who can translate her passion into a newly created start-up in the Easymate cynological industry.