About 75% of startups fail during the first 5 years of activity, 20% adds a small profit to investors. And among the rest there is a small chance that the so-called unicorn (a startup worth over 1 billion dollars). The main culprit in this state of affairs is the lack of sales. No company selling its solution. Even with the most innovative application there is no reason to be on the market. Why is it that, despite building great ecosystems, so many ventures do not offer application? We asked ourselves Sulma & Sulma and based on cooperation with startups, investors, SMEs and corporations, we carried out data analysis from our projects. We also compared our results with other available research from the startup industry. We noticed low 5, which inhibit sales among startups.
Are to:
1) Not clear and not strong enough UVP,
2) No quantification of the sales process,
3) Too much hope in sales tools,
4) Incorrect assessment of the use assessment,
5) Excessive focus on the product.

At Sulma & Sulma, we have developed a process that several times reduces the time of sale of a product or service to the first customers, creates scalable sales processes and dynamics of volume growth.


We deal with efficient product launch and dynamic sales generation in three key moments:

1) Product Definition (MVP), where we verify the idea and set the direction of development of sales prediction development, which allows us to take advantage of the risk of the idea rejecting the market.

2) Entering the market, where we convince the first customers to solutions, we create, we build the sales process, reaching key clients on the market. We teach and implement customer sales bonds in this process.

3) Sales development, consideration of the goal of return on investment, faster market acquisition, transport of competitive advantage or attracting investors. We improve sales processes, discarding unnecessary elements and strengthening and dynamizing those that affect the volume of sales.

We run projects of various scale of development, from startups, through SMEs to ending corporations. In over 21, often popular technology industries, e.g. Life Science, Smart City, Sustainable energy.

The goals that customers achieved in 6 - 9 months, we achieve my even in 2, while increasing sales volume and growth rate.

Our methodology, based on three factors, market analysis in search of trends, experience with other industries (the so-called Insights) and sales knowledge.

Thanks to extensive experience gained in various industries, we are able to offer support services to companies and startups on many levels.

Mateusz Oziębłowski
Sulma & Sulma