Image building makes sense. PR in the life science industry

ABAN Fund is a team of professionals with long experience in the start-up industry and a rich academic background. We support selected innovators not only with capital, but above all, expertise and connections within our areas of interest.

The Bridge Alfa program is a scheme of financing innovation that combines public funds of the National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR) with capital provided by private investors. In the coming years, financing exceeding PLN 1,5 billion will be available under this program. The goal of Bridge Alfa is to support R&D projects in the early stages of development. What does it mean? Which conditions must be met to apply for this funding? What are the expectations of the NCBiR and of the private investors? Which risks and restrictions are to be considered? Based on our 7 years of experience and XNUMX investments made within Bridge Alfa, I will try to provide in a nutshell everything you need to know before meeting with this type of fund.

Offer of research services of the Jagiellonian Center for Drug Development (JCET)

Dominik Czaplicki