The Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection has created an application entitled "Air quality in Poland". This free application presents current air quality data from automatic measuring stations operating as part of the State Environmental Monitoring (PMŚ). Data refer to current concentrations of PM10 dust, PM2,5 dust, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), benzene (C6H6) and ozone (O3).

Measurement results are given on a six-point scale (from "very good" to "very bad") relating to the potential health effects of pollutants. For example, a rating of "sufficient" means that prolonged outdoor activities combined with exercise may have adverse health effects, so the legend also recommends that "consider limiting outdoor activities, especially if this activity requires prolonged or strenuous exercise. physical ". On the other hand, data on air quality are presented in the form of maps, charts and summaries of detailed results.


How it works?

With Internet access and location services enabled, the application shows data from the nearest measuring station or from other selected stations. The application sends notifications in the event of exceeding the levels of information or alarm pollutants and when publishing new news on the CIEP air quality portal.

What can we find in the application?

  • Data from the station closest to us - displaying current data on concentrations of pollutants from the station closest to the user.
  • Map - displaying current data on pollution from all automatic stations in Poland (thanks to the map you can choose a measuring station)
  • Searching for stations - a list of automatic measuring stations operating within the SEM (addresses: city and street) and allowing for displaying data from stations by their addresses.
  • Alerts - information on occurrence of high concentrations of pollutants exceeding information or alert levels
  • Continuous update - information about news posted on the air quality portal of CIEP.

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The data presented in the application come from the national air quality database of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, supplied with data from the databases of voivodeship environmental protection inspectorates. They are updated every hour on the basis of data recorded from SEM measurement stations. The application was made as part of the project "Strengthening the air quality assessment system in Poland based on Norwegian experience" under the Operational Program PL03 "Strengthening environmental monitoring and control activities" co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

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The application is a free, official application of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection.

At the same time, the iOS application will be available from January 2016.

pogoda.png2Environmental Protection Inspection is appointed to control compliance with environmental protection regulations and to examine and assess the state of the environment.
One of the most important tasks carried out by the Inspection for Environmental Protection is research and assessment of the state of the environment, including air quality monitoring. This task is performed under the State Environmental Monitoring (SEM), the program of which is developed by the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection and approved by the Minister of the Environment. Ok. 90% of air quality measurements performed under the SEM and annual and five-year air quality assessments in zones are performed by voivodeship environmental protection inspectorates.

The Inspection consists of: Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (CIEP) and 16 provincial inspectorates for environmental protection. The activity of the Inspection is managed by the Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection.

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