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Beauty and lifestyle

According to some experts, the word cosmetology comes from the Greek word cosmos, which means order, decoration

There are very few people in the world (aside from very young children) who do not try to increase the attractiveness of their bodies, just by making order, increasing order or decorating. We use various methods, from traditional, inherited from the ancients, to ultra-modern, involving laser technologies or nanotechnologies. Each time the goal is - one could say - beautiful.

For this purpose, it is worth sacrificing a career, money and talent, and because literally everyone is potentially interested, the number of possibilities and field of action for people with inventiveness are simply inexhaustible - from prevention, through beautification and improvement to treatment and surgical interventions.

The Beauty and lifestyle session is devoted to innovations that concern the body, although they are not limited to its outer layer. The field for cooperation is open at the level of technical devices or chemical and biological substances, but also in the area of ​​lifestyle or philosophy.

Are new technologies leading the way, or are traditional methods still better? How to deal with the passage of time and how to increase the effectiveness of the preparations used? How to increase the effectiveness of cosmetics?

Ideas for maintaining a beautiful body are worth their weight in gold - at the Beauty and Lifestyle session, we want these ideas to find their way to all interested parties.

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Presentation List:

  • Selected trends on the Polish and foreign cosmetics market - Maciej Łojewski, Jagiellonian University
  • Cannabis Renaissance - Back to Centuries of Tradition? - Monika Partyka, UNILAB Laboratory
  • The Japanese concept of functional food as food standards for Poles - Magdalena Luboińska, Wrocław University of Economics
  • Synthesis and testing of application properties of new high-performance photoinitiating systems dedicated to new generation photo-cured dental composites - Monika Topa, Politechnika Krakowska