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Telemedicine and Telecare

How wide is the range of telemedicine and telecare? What are the opportunities, challenges and barriers here?

Telemedicine is perhaps the most multidisciplinary field we deal with in the context of cooperation for health and quality of life. Broadly speaking, this field covers the use of information and communication technologies to address health problems covering both hardware and software solutions and services including telecare, web analysis, email, mobile phones and applications, text messaging, wearables and sensors for clinical or remote monitoring.

Health and quality of life have been redefined by six characters: 1,0, A, C, G, T. This combination creates a virtually unlimited number of options for involvement in the development, implementation and operation of solutions, engaging clinicians, researchers and scientists with a wide range of expertise in healthcare, engineering, social sciences, public health, health economics and management.

The development takes place at a double speed - on the one hand, ie "at the entrance", thanks to the convergence of technologies, it is possible to create new technological solutions. On the other hand, ie the "output" field of applications and benefits is expanding, from the macro scale (Big Data) to the nano scale (molecular modeling).

How wide is the reach of telemedicine? What are the challenges and what barriers are faced by scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs? What applications are the most sought after and which solutions are most often developed? How can you digitize your product or offer?

The Telemedicine and Telecare session will not provide answers to all questions - it is possible that the involvement of artificial intelligence will be needed. However, it is worth finding out what questions have already been answered and what activities are taking place in your environment.

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