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Special session START-UP STAGE

Among the challenges that new business ventures based on innovation have to face, the most important are those regarding the right place and the way to show and establish beneficial relations with potential partners

Originators must be able and willing to establish direct relationships with industry, Business Angels, Seed Funds and VC. Early contact with people who know the industry, market, barriers and opportunities can be both an element of preparation and verification of the startup idea.

The LifeScience StartUp Scena special session is dedicated to new business ventures and their needs related to entering the market, rescaling activities and financing for development.

The session program is divided into two parts:


Presentations for Start-Ups

whose purpose is:

  • help StartUp get an objective opinion and verify an idea that always seems unusual to authors
    enable StartUp to signal interesting projects on the market, around which you need to constantly build the right aura and interest
  • make it easier for StartUp to attract partners for further operation, both with financial and substantive contribution 


StartUp presentations

whose purpose is:

  • make it easier for industry companies to reach potential partners and enable them to present their offer of cooperation with startups trauma presenting specific needs regarding solutions, technologies, products
  • enable investors and funds to present their investment policy and expectations regarding the preparation of business projects
  • enable seed and investment funds to present their startups in order to verify or increase their value and prepare an exit strategy or subsequent financing rounds

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Session Leader:
Michał Adamczyk
Krakow as a City of Startups

Klaudia Szklarczyk-Smolana


  • Michał Adamczyk, Kraków as a City of Startups - KRK InnoTech Starter - a pre-acceleration program developed for supporting technology transfer from Polish universities to business practice '
  • Klaudia Szklarczyk-Smolana, Intelliseq - When a startup and a big company cooperation - building win-win partnerships in genomic medicine
  • Ernst Plefka, EPconsult eU - How to develop your Start-Up - Key Success Factors
  • Dominik Czaplicki, ABAN Fund - Bridge Alfa - how to prepare an investment project?
  • Grzegorz Zając, AstraZeneca - Collaboration through innovative science: AstraZeneca Open Innovation Platform and Experience and Expertise Exchange mentoring program
  • Mateusz Oziębijowski, Sulma & Sulma - Why startups don't sell and how you can deal with it.
  • Marta Szymanowska, Aether Biomedical - Aether Biomedical2.
  • Aleksandra Kubica-Misztal, diCELLa sp.z oo - Artifi cial Intelligence in image analysis and laboratories systems.
  • Mateusz Cyran, SafeoSafe - Safeosafe - New way of monitoring serious diesases such as Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's diesase.
  • Bogdan Ivanov, Smart EpiGenetX - Digital platform for nutrition assessment (Let the food be your medicine)
  • Marcin Majka, Jagiellonian University - Using natural melanin in cosmetology and tumor prevention
  • Maciej Krupowies, Mindu - Mindu and online psychotherapy
  • Monika Piwowar, CompleVita - New solutions to the old problem - STOP hallux valgus
  • Grzegorz Fijał, Neo Vinci - How persuade people to remember your adverts?
  • Błażej Szczerbaniewicz, Kodent Dental Clinic - UPDFA
  • Dariusz Gajewicz, GlucoActive - Innovative glucose monitoring
  • Paris Ziogkas, Advantis Medical Imaging - Advanced Neuroimaging in Clinical PracticNCBiR - More than money - Public funding of R&D projects in cooperation with VC funds
  • Summary of the session - Michał Adamczyk