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Special Session - Career

A career in the Life Science industry is a wealth of development opportunities near science and its applications

Polish biotechnology is already more than 200 organizations that conduct innovative research that push science in Poland forward. Polish biotechnology will soon be more than 12 thousands of people involved in research and development in laboratories and the growing number of graduates of related fields, and therefore an increasing number of scientists and potential employees. Finally, Polish biotechnology is nearly a billion zlotys invested in science and a large increase in investment every year.

The Life Science industry is growing rapidly, and with them the needs of employers. Even 10 years ago, Polish scientists traveled abroad, because it was one of the few solutions and a chance for a career in science. Today it is different - Polish companies are emerging, implementing their ideas, developing products, and in order to compete on the global market, they need scientific competences that will make them global players.

Life Science in Poland is biotechnology, medical technologies, bioeconomy, food, digital health and much more. Such a large diversification of industry results in a demand for specialists in various fields - from scientists specializing in drug development, through programmers, engineers, food technologists and technology brokers. Today, a career in Life Science in Poland is hundreds of companies offering dozens of positions in various fields, and a chance for many people who want to work in science and make a difference.

ExecMind organizes the annual Career Panel under #LSOS19. During the panel, representatives of leading Life Science companies in Poland will present their companies. This is a unique opportunity to meet key decision-makers in companies and get to know, almost from within, the career opportunities in Life Science. Presenters will be able to talk about their organizations, expand their talent pool, advertise to a wide audience, and meet potential employees, their interests and needs.

Come to the Career panel to:

  • Meet key decision-makers in Life Science companies
  • Find out what work in a biotechnology company looks like
  • Learn about development paths in the Life Science industry
  • Introduce yourself and discuss your career opportunities
  • Find out who the leading companies are looking for
  • Find a new employer without waiting for your dream job

The Career panel on #LSOS19 is the perfect opportunity to take the next step in your Career. We are waiting for you!

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Session Leader:
Karolina Jarosińska

Karolina is the founder of ExecMind, which provides recruitment services for organizations in the Life Science and medical technologies sector. Karolina has over 15 years of experience in recruitment, including for management positions in Poland and Europe. In 2015, she founded the company ExecMind, whose task is to support the development of biotechnology companies by recruiting key people in scientific and management teams. ExecMind attracts experienced scientific talents from around the world and combines them with opportunities for further professional development in industry.

Keynote: Danuta Mossakowska, PhD, Industry Academic Collaborations leader and drug discovery expert.

Presentation List:

  • Inspirational talk: Being a scientist in a global biopharma industry - Danuta Mossakowska, PhD
  • My Own Professional Personally Management - Ernst Plefka, EPconsult eU
  • Selvita. Find purpose behind your work - Katarzyna Rudolf - Szreder, Selvita SA
  • Ryvu. Become a Key to Discovery - Justyna Strońska, Ryvu Therapeutics SA
  • Make a difference and code against cancer with us! - Barbara Wyroba, Ardigen
  • Development with AstraZeneca - cooperation in the research and development area at the interface between science and business - Alina Pszczółkowska, AstraZenecea
  • Developmental ZEN - Katarzyna Nyga Zbroja / Agnieszka Kotucz, DCONCEPT
  • Development of biotechnological system for fumarate adding radical enzymes - PhD position in Polish-German project - Maciej Szrzeniec, Institute of Catalysis and Physicsochemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Leading inventions at the University of Agriculture in Krakow - "Innovation Incubator 2.0" - Wojciech Przywała, Center of Innovation of the University of Agriculture in Krakow Sp. z o. o
  • A journey in the world of competences or how to achieve FLOW through GROW - Rafał Kunaszyk, Eurokreator T&C

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