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Printed Health

printing 3D in medical applications, it is one of the fastest developing technologies, opening practically unlimited options for cooperation

3D printing is a technology that allows the creation of spatial objects with properties difficult to obtain by other, classic methods. The possibility of creating a real object in a short time with relatively low costs is mentioned as the main advantage. Items produced in this way allow, among others companies for quick verification of business concepts, testing with final consumers or manufacturing spare parts. 

Incremental technologies (AM) have been recognized as one of the most promising production technologies at the global level. It is believed that they allow the transition from mass production to mass personalization in several leading sectors. However, 3D printing technology still works in detached and divided value chains in Europe. This is partly due to the lack of contact between additive technology providers and aggregate demand.

Incremental technologies are used in aviation, the automotive industry or as prototypes in manufacturing companies both in the world and in Poland. In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in interest in these technologies in the lifescience sector.

Printed dummy hand prostheses, highly specialized implants used in reconstructive surgery or cutlery making meals easier for people with hand shaking are just some of the examples of use in medicine.

Małopolska is a member of the European enterprise called Avant-garde Initiative, in which the goal of one of the pilot projects is to accelerate the introduction of applications using the 3D printing technology to the European Union market.

The Printed Health session at #LSOS19 is implemented in cooperation with Avant-garde Initiativeand its goal is to present opportunities for undertaking joint ventures, projects and challenges focused on the use of 3D printing technology for medical purposes.

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Project implemented with the financial support of the Lesser Poland Voivodship as part of the Avant-garde Initiative.

Session Leader:
Justyna Uman-Ntuk, INNOMED
Every day he deals with supporting innovation and education in the field of new technologies in medicine, running the innoMED event-marketing agency. Organizer and originator of many scientific and training conferences and programs. MEDmeetsTECH - a platform connecting the world of medicine, technology and business as well as Printed Health - the series of conferences on 3D medical printing is one of the best-known implementations.

Presentation List:

  • Bio-printing, 3D prostheses and new products on the market of additive technologies in medicine - Justyna and Effiom Uman - Ntuk, Printed Health
  • Vanguard Initiative 3D Printing Pilot Project, an opportunity for Malopolska's Life Science Cluster - Wim De Kinderen
  • Orthopedic and Prosthetic market supported by Additive Manufacturing - Konrad Kordas, New Era Materials Sp. z o. o
  • How to support the surgeon's work? Medical visualizations - Mateusz Kierepka, MedApp
  • 3D printing of patient specific guides and implants - progress and limitations - Bartłomiej Wysocki, MaterialsCare

Introduction to the session