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MedTech / Medical Robotics

Medical technologies have ceased to be the domain of the hospital's operation and have become a key component of our everyday lives. What challenges are facing MedTech?

Broadly defined medical technologies are any kind of knowledge involved in the implementation of tasks and achieving specific results of the healthcare system. In narrower terms, presented during the MedTech session, these technologies include various types of "devices related directly or indirectly to the healthcare services provided and specific interventions (therapeutic, diagnostic, rehabilitation or preventive) ".

The dynamic development of the MedTech sector is driven on the one hand by needs, i.e. the growing number of challenges related to civilization development, and on the other by the development of various types of technologies that are used in procedures, devices and medical devices.

In the development of medical technologies, great hopes are placed on solving problems growing in a wide spectrum of health care, but also in such areas as health management, economics, politics and sustainable development.

How are some competences of the ambulatory treatment, hospital outpatient clinic, specialist clinic or home treatment changing thanks to new technologies, artificial intelligence, cybernetics or telecommunications? What challenges will biomedical engineering take up - in technical, economic and organizational terms?

Medical technologies have ceased to be the domain of the hospital's operation and have become a key component of our everyday lives. The number of medical devices and devices in our immediate environment will constantly increase. It is worth knowing where we are going and how to use it wisely.

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Session Leader:
Zbigniew Nawrat
Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery, MedSilesia

Scientist, inventor, teacher, visionary. Theoretical physicist by profession (1984 graduated from the University of Silesia), doctorate in artificial heart (1996 SUM), postdoctoral degree in surgical robotics (2013 SUM), prof. IPS FRK (2016). President of the International Society for Medical Robotics, editor-in-chief of Medical Robotics Reports.

Presentation List:

  • Robot - Slave or Hero? - Zbigniew Nawrat, Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery of prof. Zbigniew Religa
  • Armchair-Mobile Chair - Jan Wycislik, INNOW sp zo.o sp.k.
  • Hospital on Kliny, NEO Hospital Group - Joanna Szyman, Hospital on Kliny - Neo Hospital Group

Introduction to the session