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Social Innovation

"Healthy society" is a topic and challenges often undertaken as part of social innovation

The main goal of innovation in the area of ​​a healthy society is usually to improve the quality of life, meet the needs or solve problems of the elderly or disabled.

A feature of these innovations is that they are based mainly on ideas that improve imperfect reality, combine small solutions into larger, more effective ones, use ingenuity and commitment across many professions, generations and experiences.

By definition, social innovation comes about through collaboration. Thanks to the programs supporting social innovators, new, valuable projects are created, which, however, are not talked about enough and implemented too little. Their use is limited mainly due to lack of information or lack of funds. On the other hand, there are needs in many places.

At #LSOS19, we open our stage for a new Social Innovation thematic path to present programs that support social innovation and its results.

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Session Leader:
Katarzyna Ociepka-Miąsik

Culture expert, sociologist, researcher of social innovations from the Department of Social Innovation ROPS in Krakow since 2017. Experienced project manager. Every day at work he combines research and consulting experience. She implemented international projects in the area of ​​health, age and knowledge management. For one of the implemented projects (innovative, international project) she and the team received the "Golden Synapse" award for the greatest innovation in psychiatry. Co-author of publications on the incubation of social innovations. As a facilitator and moderator, Design Thinking supports teams in creating innovation and achieving goals.

Presentation List:

  • Social innovations - trends, challenges, success story - Katarzyna Ociepka - Miąsik, ROPS
  • Uni - universal, waterproof and innovative rain jacket designed to meet the needs of people with physical disabilities in a wheelchair. - Joanna Krokosz, Academy of Fine Arts
  • How to lie down and work? - Alicja Łagodzińska, Leżę i Prackuje Foundation
  • INNOTEXTIL - clothing supporting rehabilitation - Bożena Groborz, ASP
  • Helpful Eye - Perfect support for a blind person - Piotr Witek, Foundation Institute for Regional Development
  • Integrative medicine - an innovative combination of East and West for better health care - Kamila Mitka, Monika Rybicka, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University
  • Creating a new paradigm of well-being and health - Ewa Danuta Białek, Institute of Psychosynthesis
  • Project Hocare 2.0 - innovative solutions in the field of home care - Dorota Leśniak, Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Region
  • Accessibility Incubator - become a Social Innovator -Anita Parszewska, ROPS

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