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Special session: Digital Health - Center for Personalized Computational Medicine

Computational medicine (inSilico Medicine) was born as a field of science based on the progress of computer technologies and their computing power as well as the increase in the amount and quality of data, which constitute the basic, in principle exclusive research material.

Modern computational medicine deals with modeling, simulation and visualization of biological and medical processes in computers in order to imitate real biological processes in a virtual environment.

This is the domain of the Sano Foundation. The foundation's goal is to develop and implement new methods, tools and skills in clinical practice using computer techniques and technologies as clinically proven, clinically ready decision support systems.

The Center will be the main driver of European progress in the development of advanced computational methods for diagnosing and treating diseases and optimizing the use of medical data. Sano will address key global challenges in precise diagnosis and personalized healthcare. More about the Sano project.

"Digital Health is the most multidisciplinary field we deal with in terms of cooperation for health and quality of life ”.

The Digital Health special session is devoted to cooperation within the Sano project. The purpose of the session is to present the assumptions and objectives of this venture, and to learn examples of activities and projects that can be implemented in cooperation. The session is open for the presentation of representatives of the scientific and business communities.

We invite everyone interested in the subject of computational medicine to participate. In particular, we invite you to submit proposals for R&D projects that can be implemented in cooperation with Sano.

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Honorary Partner: National Center for Research and Development

Presentation List:

  • Welcome & introduction - Marian Bubak, Sano Scientific Affairs Director
  • Welcome address of Federica Roffi - EC REA
  • Scientific program of Sano - Marco Viceconti, Chairman of the Sano Intl Scientific Committee (ISC), Bologna University
  • From research to clinical decision support tools. Rod Hose, member of Sano ISC, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Transfer of research results to hospital practice? My experience in the development of non-invasive intraoperative imaging for the surgery - Claire Chalopin, member of Sano ISC, Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS), Universität Leipzig, DE
  • Trends in computing infrastructures and computer simulations - Norbert Attig, Deputy head of Jülich Supercomputing Center
  • About experience of the Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation of
    Cardiac Surgery Development (FRK) - Zbigniew Nawrat, member of Sano, ISC, FRK Zabrze
  • CompBioMed Scientific Program - Andrew Narracot / Peter Coveney
  • Drug discovery from intramolecular voids perspective - Artur Góra, Tunneling Group, Center of Biotechnology, Silesian University of Technology
  • Medical device of future innovation / device development - Klaudia Proniewska, KCRI Sp. z o. o
  • Replacing Site-Based Exercise Tests with Wearable Activity Monitors to Reduce Patient Burden and Time to Signal Detection - Jesper Havsol, Informatics Science Director at AstraZeneca
  • Using Machine Learning to Design Better Clinical Trials - Andrzej Nowojewski, AstraZeneca
  • Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence applied to Precision Medicine - Michel Vandenberghe, AstraZeneca
  • TriNetX - Data-Driven Approach to Clinical Trial - Marta Chodorek, TriNetX, Inc. Research & Real-World Evidence
  • Chemoinformatics in Nanomedicine - Tomasz Puzyn, QSAR Lab Sp. z o. o