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Special session - Business Development

Business must be done professionally and ethically. Successful enterprises are distinguished by the fact that they are guided by professionalism, i.e. the principles of good business.

Other factors, such as strategy and effective management, are also important, but the key is development ability, i.e. the ability to effectively use all resources to achieve the goal in the future.  

The environment of innovative business plays a key role supporting the process of creating and developing all ventures. The success of companies in the period of growth depends on the availability and quality of services in the fields of law, intellectual property, finance, taxes, marketing, sales, project management and others provided by professionals. Each company with perspectives will encounter barriers on its path, the overcoming of which exceeds its own competences and organizational abilities.

There is no need to maintain your own resources to secure all potential threats and meet all development needs. Development capacity can be built on the basis of well-defined, goal-oriented consulting projects. However, you need to know about them, be able to choose the right partner, find funds, plan and implement.    

Project management, change management, communication, marketing and PR, professional translations, business support programs, fundrising, skills and competences, cooperation, negotiations, market knowledge, Business Intelligence and other support is within the reach of entrepreneurs at every stage of development.     

The Business Development special session is dedicated to the presentation of professional services and products to support the development of projects and companies from the life science sector.

In particular, this session aims to:

  • facilitate learning about the offer of professional advisory services targeted at the business and science sectors
  • present the needs, possibilities and options to support innovative projects at every stage of development.

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The session partner is Małopolska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego SA
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Session Leader:
Małgorzata Popławska
Małopolska Regional Development Agency SA

Economist, specialist in regional development, certified by the international Institute of Management Accounting CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), graduate of Foreign Trade and postgraduate studies in accounting and finance at the University of Economics in Krakow and German studies at the Jagiellonian University. He has extensive experience and success in supporting Małopolska entrepreneurs and regional investments. She worked as a manager in the financial reporting department in the UBS investment bank department.

Session Leader:
Łukasz Słoniowski

Łukasz Słoniowski - Vice President in the Krakow Technology Park, lawyer, local government, entrepreneur, councilor of the City of Krakow in the 4th, 5th and 7th terms. He graduated from law at the Jagiellonian University, postgraduate study on the European Union of the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Krakow and parliamentary application. Founder of the oldest Oxford Debate Competition 'School of Debates' in Poland, a multi-year trainer of public speaking.

Presentation List:

  • How entrepreneurs from the Life Science industry use the potential of Krakow and the region - Bogusław Sieczkowski, Selvita SA
  • Discover outstanding opportunities in the Life Sciences Sector of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Josefin Bolz, Invest in MV
  • Increase your chance for success - capital for innovation - Anna Sowa - Jadczyk, MARR
  • Polish Investment Zone - We help your business develop faster - Justyna Czyszek, Krakowski Park Technologiczny
  • Increase your chance for success - personal development - MARR - Anna Sowa Jadczyk, MARR
  • Offer of Krakow Technology Park for innovative companies - Krzysztof Krzysztofiak, Krakow Technology Park
  • Innovation Coach - support for companies in incubating their first innovation - Martyna Gatkowska, National Contact Point
  • Possibilities of supporting entrepreneurs from public instruments - Tomasz Zalewski, KPMG Poland
  • Making genome-based medicine practical - Michał Korostyński, Intelliseq
  • From invention to implementation - the story of a modified zinc oxide - prof. dr hab. Wojciech Macyk
  • Bin-e: a smart solution to the waste problem - Wojciech Łyszczak, Bin-e
  • Unicorn Hub Startup Platform - Your way to succeed business in Eastern Poland - Mateusz Cybula, OIC Poland Foundation / Unicorn Hub Starter Platform
  • EIC Accelerator - a new way to grow your business and fund innovative project - Alvaro Veliz, GAEU Consulting Sp. z o. o
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland - where is it easier to find a partner - Agnieszka Begek, DREBERIS Sp. z o. o
  • B2J- Bridge to Japan market - Junichiro Koshi, Seon, Inc.
  • Introducing a medical device to the market - how to tame the thicket of regulations? - Katarzyna Kroner, Katarzyna Kroner Law Office
  • Patent clear technologies. TRL level versus patent attorney support, meaning recipe for a successful invention in Life Science - Iwona Plodzich-Hennig, JWP Rzecznicy Patentowi Dorota Rzążewska sp.k.
  • Eco Trademarks - promoting eco-friendly food and healthy lifestyle - Alicja Kicińska-Fujawa, JWP Rzecznicy Patentowi Dorota Rzążewska Sp. k.