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Drug development research

More and more research initiatives in the area of ​​medicine sciences and biotechnology appear on the Polish market

More and more companies, both global pharmaceutical concerns and spin-offs, recognize the intellectual and research potential of Polish academic units and institutes conducting innovative drug research. In addition, support from government bodies and changing legislation is designed to support research.

Polish scientists have more and more international experience, which allows them to introduce work models that meet Western standards in both companies and universities. It is also worth emphasizing the essence of clinical trials conducted in Poland and the role of doctors who fight diseases on a daily basis. An important factor is also a better understanding of global trends in the development and commercialization of drugs and the growing reputation of the Polish life science industry on the international stage.

The purpose of the thematic session dedicated to research on the development of new drugs in Poland is to promote existing ones and initiate new activities aimed at researching, developing and producing modern and innovative therapeutic agents.

To participate in this session we invite entrepreneurs, research units, as well as individual scientists involved in the research and development of technologies in the field of medical chemistry, biology, biotechnology, and those who conduct research on the development of new active compounds and new applications of known drugs. We also invite units working on new technologies that are important in processes related to diagnostics, research and production of pharmaceuticals.

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AstraZeneca is the partner of the session
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Session Leader:
Magda Marciniak

Magda Marciniak joined Ryvu Therapeutics in 2015 and works as a Director of Scientific Cooperation in the R&D Department, combining scientific education with extensive experience in business and management. Responsible for the partnership process of the innovative portfolio of small molecule drugs developed at Ryvu was involved in negotiations and further work with NodThera, Merck KGaA, H3 Biomedicine and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Magda is responsible for partner talks around research projects developed by Ryvu Therapeutics with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and also participates in contacts with current and potential investors.

Presentation List:

  • Innovations in drug discovery, development and management - Magdalena Marciniak, Ryvu Therapeutics
  • Does outsourcing in drug discovery makes sense? - Wojciech Czardybon, Selvita SA
  • Functional Nano- and Microparticles - synthesis and characterization - Dawid Lupa, Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry PAS
  • Biomarker Commercialization 'BIC' project and opportunities related with BIC tools in IVD commercialization life-cycle - Katarzyna Piwowarczyk, Wrocławski Park Technologiczny SA
  • Business-science cooperation - proposals for joint projects, data sharing and experiences - Barbara Kozierkiewicz, AstraZeneca
  • About the advantage and possibilities of growing 3D intestinal organoids - Wojciech Witarski, Institute of Animal Production
  • Innomedbook Polish Healthcare Innovations Database - Szymon Bernat, Innomedbook.pl
  • Pig model in translational research - an ideal bridge between biomedical sciences and commercialization- Paulina Szczurek, Institute of Animal Production
  • Virtual Research Institute - new possibilites to finance and commercialization research in the field of medical biotechnology - oncology - Paweł Kurant, Łukasiewicz Research Network - PORT Polish Center for Technology Development
  • Quantitative imaging as an example of ŁUKASIEWICZ - PORT research service portfolio - Monika Toporkiewicz, Łukasiewicz Research Network - PORT Polish Center for Technology Development
  • Clinical Trial implementation project for polish healthcare providers as a chance for healthcare development with the improvement of patients' quality of life - Aldona Bacior, Self initiative