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Active and healthy life

Maintaining full health, as well as full fitness and vitality in the autumn of life is still the dream of most people of "mature" age

Everyone in the world should be able to live healthy for many years. Although the average life expectancy has increased spectacularly over the last century, we are far from satisfied and announcing our full success.

Maintaining full health as well as full fitness and vitality in the autumn of life is still the dream of most people of "mature" age. Our condition throughout our lives has many factors, ranging from inherited conditions, through lifestyle and diet to the environment in which we spend time at work, at home and outside.

Do we have influence or do we control all these factors? Can we control them? How to reverse the impact of adverse factors and strengthen those that work in our favor? Are we helpless, or are there methods, technologies, solutions, programs that correct imperfections that appear with age?

Many questions could be asked in the hope that we would find at least one good answer. The session "Healthy and Active Life" has such a goal - come and show what you do, what your idea for health and quality of life (throughout your life), how you can help, where there is room for cooperation. More and more people in the world are waiting for innovative solutions!

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Session Leader:
Kasia Ociepka-Miąsik

Cultural scholar, sociologist, researcher of social innovations in the Department of Social Innovations ROPS in Krakow since 2017. Experienced project manager. Every day at work he combines research and consulting experience. She implemented international projects in the area of ​​health, age and knowledge management. For one of the implemented projects (innovative, international project) she and the team received the "Golden Synapse" award for the greatest innovation in psychiatry. Co-author of publications on the incubation of social innovations. As a facilitator and moderator, Design Thinking supports teams in creating innovation and achieving goals.

An active and healthy life session is combined with a session Social Innovation. Here you will find a list of presenters and abstracts of the presentation.