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CHALLENGE category

Presentations of competitions or problems, the solutions of which we invite originators - innovators from scientific and business circles

challenge category

THE CHALLENGE CATEGORY is a proposal for companies and institutions that, as part of their activities, deal with issues that are important to them, which require a creative solution, a new approach or unique competences: in a word, they justify looking for a solution outside their own organization.


Being open to ideas from the outside is beneficial for many reasons, one of the most important being exclusive access and the ability to choose from a variety of solutions - some of which will suggest a new mindset for how you define the problem.

We invite you to submit initial proposals for challenges, the formal announcement and presentation of which will take place during # LSOS19 in the CHALLENGES session.

General principles of cooperation:

We accept the initial CHALLENGE proposal in the form of an abstract on the form available on the website www. Please send abstracts in Polish and English.

We set the details and rules of cooperation, including competition regulations and legal aspects regarding confidentiality of information (Challenge Program and Partnership Agreement).

Before the party # LSOS19: we launch an information campaign announcing the CHALLENGE - we inform about the topic, the Partner and the general rules of participation.

During #LSOS19: The partner presents the context and then presents the details of the CHALLENGE as the problem they are interested in solving.

After the party # LSOS19: the full text and conditions of the challenge are promoted in the media of Klaster LifeScience Kraków, including on the website http://lifescienceopenspace.pl/according to the agreed program.

We extend the deadline for submitting proposals to 9 November 2019!

The contest is adjudicated during an official event organized by the Foundation in cooperation with the Partner.

The Foundation helps and mediates the implementation of the project, including intermediary in contacts between the parties, accepts and collects proposed solutions and cares about the quality of relations, transparency and legal standards.