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The exhibition is a valued way to present and show your offer, introduce the project, talk and involve new, initially interested partners in your activities. 

EXHIBITION at # LSOS19 is an attractive option, especially for those who present in the DEMO and CHALLENGE category and for those who want to effectively present their offer and bring the project closer.


1 The exhibition is located in the center of the event, which allows easy contact with event participants

2 Open space - no standard development, it allows exhibitors to build an exhibition according to their own needs and possibilities at minimal cost

3 The informal nature of the stand facilitates direct contacts

The standard size of the space available is 4 m2 with access to electricity, equipped with a table and 2 chairs. If it is necessary to modify this space - please contact us individually. The Exhibitor's package includes exhibition space and two entry tickets.


  1. LifeScience Krakow cluster
  2. Healthy
  3. Małopolska Regional Development Agency
  4. Clinical Solutions
  5. Krakow Technology Park
  6. Science Trainer
  7. Jagiellonian university
  8. Unimetal REC - UNILAB Laboratory
  9. BIN-e
  10. Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry
  11. Wessling Poland
  12. VIANAT
  13. NCBiR
  14. Jagiellonian Center of Innovation
  15. AstraZeneca
  16. Wrocławski Park Technologiczny SA; NUTRIBIOMED cluster
  17. The city of Krakow
  18. Selkea / AMSO
  19. Bravo Tango
  20. ACT Krystyna Iwińska
  21. Comarch Healthcare
  22. Cracow University of Technology
  23. Krakow as a City of Startups
  24. Selvita / Ryvu Therapeutics
  25. ExecMind Karolina Jarosińska
  26. ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network - PORT Polish Center for Technology Development
  27. Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development - Coordinator of the MedSilesia Cluster
  28. Berry Life
  29. Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster (represented formally by the Advisory Institute)
  30. Independent Public Health Care Center University Hospital in Krakow
  31. Regional Center for Social Policy
  32. University of Agriculture Hugo Kołłątaj in Krakow
  33. 4Active Artur Papp