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Contemporary Krakow is not only a European metropolis and a center that can skillfully combine tradition with modernity, but a city that wants to show directions of development and be a model for others.

The city's development is based on a number of strategic activities, the main priority of which is to improve the quality of life of residents by creating modern, and at the same time friendly and green places to live and relax, and creating areas attractive for investment.


Krakow is one of the most economically attractive cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Such a brand significantly affects the number of foreign investments located here and the development of domestic entrepreneurship. At the moment, it is estimated that the modern services sector in Krakow alone consists of over 200 centers. These centers provide services in approximately 30 languages, ranging from English or German to Arabic, Swedish or Hebrew. The economic value of the Krakow modern services sector in 2018 is estimated at approximately $ 2,9 billion.

Wawel at night

Another sector that has been recording record results for years is tourism. Every year, more and more visitors come to Wawel, also from abroad. In 2018, 13,5 million people visited Krakow.

Our city undoubtedly attracts large and small businesses like a magnet. We are invested by financial institutions, companies from the high-tech sector, startups are very dynamic - each of these industries and each of these levels, ranging from sole proprietorship to global brands, enable the city to explore new, so far fledgling areas of development.

It is on these foundations that Krakow wants to build its future.

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