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Inspiration is an action or force capable of moving intellectually or emotionally. It is something intangible, which causes a new idea to arise or a new energy arises to do something.

The INSPIRATIONS module is an evening full of attractions, each of which can move intellectually and emotionally, show opportunities and inspire to action.

There are people among us who stand out from others with their personality, talent, work or achievements. They are often referred to as "extraordinary". On closer encounter, they turn out to be ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Meeting them can be extremely inspiring.  

In the evening program:

  • summary of the cooperation session, including prizes awarded in three categories: The Most Interesting Cooperation Offer (Open Innovation), Best Presentation, Best StartUp
  • three inspirational stories about "how to do unusual things" and "what is the definition of success" - told from the stage by guests invited for this purpose
  • dance and music as therapy - this year Argentine Tango, or a pinch of Buenos Aires in Krakow! Masters' shows, live music and tango lesson for everyone
  • afterparty - meeting with music and dance, with snacks and wine tasting - something for the body and spirit; an opportunity to get to know each other better in an informal atmosphere

WHY IS IT WORTH spending this time with us?

1 Each element of the program brings new experiences, broadens horizons and gives much and more inspiration, received with all senses

2 An informal, friendly atmosphere and a casual format definitely favors establishing and strengthening relationships

3 Having fun with music, wine and Argentine tango allows you to relax, unwind and get to know each other from the social side