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LSOS 2019 conference

About the party

Life Science Open Space is an international networking event whose goal is to promote cooperation for the development of technology and innovation for Health and Quality of Life. #LSOS19 creates a common platform for ideas and opportunities, cooperation, competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship. The result is the use of knowledge and technology to solve current and future problems and to take advantage of the opportunities associated with civilization challenges and the ever-increasing pace of life.

A specially designed event in which only people with a focus on cooperation bringing measurable results meet at one place and time. #LSOS19 is an event for people open to cooperation, looking for partners to develop innovative ventures in various areas: from food, medicine, pharmacy and the environment to IT, construction, transport, leisure and others.

Open to active, imaginative and entrepreneurial. On #LSOS19 it doesn't matter where you come from, but only what do you do for health and quality of life and can cooperate with you. The event program provides participants with optimal options for interaction between the science, startups, business, industry, investors, health and administration sectors.

The specific atmosphere, diverse and inspiring program, international character, ambitious goals and wide interest. All this creates a critical mass and provides participants with maximum benefits: new contacts, new partners, new projects, new ideas and new perspectives. The result is collaboration, inspiration to act, and other side effects of networking.

Framework program

#LSOS19 is one event in four scenes:


... short presentations concerning only the needs and possibilities of establishing cooperation within scientific, research and development, startup and business projects:

Themed paths

  • Digital Health & AI
  • printing 3D
  • MedTech / Medical Robotics
  • Active and healthy life
  • Environment and bioeconomy
  • Healthy food and nutrition
  • Drug development research
  • Innovative Medical Center
  • Beauty and lifestyle
  • Modern diagnostics

Categories of cooperation

  • Open innovation
  • Challenge
  • Demo

Special sessions

  • LifeScience Start-Up Scene
  • Career
  • Business development


Summary of the session. Cooperation, and prizes in three categories:

  • The best example of cooperation
  • The best presentation
  • Best StartUp

Most Inspiring Personalities of the Year - chosen by voting, they will tell from the stage how they do extraordinary things and what their definition of success is.

Un poco de Buenos Aires in Krakow - music and dance as a therapy. This year Argentine tango live music, masters' shows and tango lesson for everyone.

Afterparty - networking meeting with music and dance, with snacks and wine tasting. Something for the body and the spirit.

III. Partnering

... is the opportunity to present your offer, idea or need and discuss them in a safe and friendly environment. Short meetings are arranged through the IT system. It is known in advance with whom and what topic the conversation will be about - the time spent on the meeting is used effectively.

Three dimensions of partnering on #LSOS19:
  • science & business (C2D) - research and development and business cooperation (connect-2-develop)
  • start-up (B2B) - cooperation between startups and large companies or investment funds
  • healthcare (B2H) - talks regarding purchases of products and services addressed to hospitals and other health care units


... is a space for the presentation of products and services at company and design stands located in the very center of the event. An attractive option, especially for presenters in the DEMO and CHALLENGE categories, and for those who want to effectively demonstrate the full offer and bring their project closer.

Welcome 26 November 2019, to the International Trade Fair and Congress Center EXPO Krakow.