A safe and intuitive project supporting healthcare teams

nCare is a connected medical recorder that records Full HD images and videos from up to two surgical devices simultaneously. nCare easily, reliably and securely connects doctors with critical visual information they need at any time. The user-friendly solution can fit almost anywhere, from the endoscopic trolley to the boom. The flexible nCare recorder can be implemented as a stand-alone device or connected to hospital networks and IT systems for the entire hospital. Recorded visual data can be stored locally on the nCare recorder, saved externally to a USB drive, or securely and automatically managed in VaultStream, a centralized medical content management system.

Capture, record, view, label, print and export procedural information via a user-friendly touch panel interface.
Optimized and compatible with virtually any video source.
Secure storage and access options.
An integrated power source protects the media in the event of unexpected power loss (StreamGuard).
Clinical library with photos and videos related to patient information.

The nCare medical recorder and VaultStream medical data management software increase the efficiency of clinical information flow processes and the security of recorded images and videos,
Recorded materials are stored and managed in VaultStream - a central, intelligent and secure system for managing medical data. VaultStream provides users with access to patient records via mobile devices or remote computers in a secure and fully flexible manner. The system allows doctors and nurses to easily share images and videos within a given hospital or in networks connecting individual hospitals. The video material can be processed before sending to the image archiving and transmission system (PACS).

Grzegorz Kozak
Olympus Polsa Sp. z o. o

Position: Medical Investment Manager, responsible at Olympus for conducting medical investment projects connecting all business lines of the company (endoscopy, surgery, gynecology, urology, ENT, electrosurgery). Presenting new work standards in the operating room by using the functionality of the operating room integration system.