Microbiological safety

Challenges related to manual production of cytostatic drugs. Examples
implementation of modern robots as a response to the need to improve the safety of staff and patients. Presentation of the APOTECA Chemo system by Loccioni.
Examples of installations in clinical practice. Practical aspects related to the design of laboratory robotization.

Robotic system for the automatic preparation of intravenous drugs for cancer therapy

The APOTECA chemo system produced by the Italian company LOCCIONI is the most modern solution of this type in the world and allows the automation of the preparation of cytostatic drugs used in chemotherapy.

APOTECA chemo independently, using the drug recipes and guidelines for their dosing, prepares cytostatics and precisely doses the final product based on volumetric and gravimetric methods into dedicated containers, such as drips, syringes and infusion pumps.

Benefits of using the APOTECA chemo robotic system:

Automation of the entire drug preparation process for chemotherapy;
Full control over the production process at every stage;
Simple and easy handling of priority orders;
Reduction of the consumption of active substances and solvents and their precise dosing;
Limiting the risk of human errors;
An open platform that accepts components from most major manufacturers;
Reducing the risk of exposure of personnel and the environment to the toxic effects of preparations.

Waldemar Magnuszewski
Synektik SA

MSc. Waldemar Magnuszewski Commercial Director of Synektik SA - authorized representative of Loccioni.