Health is within you

Multiple crises in various areas of individual and social life, as well as climate change, put humanity at risk of life and health / well-being not only for one generation, but for the future of the entire planet. Therefore, we are obliged to react immediately. The author, observing this situation over many years of life, through her publications and active collective and individual activities, created both the theoretical foundations of systemic solutions and practical programs for their implementation in many areas of life. At this stage, the author presents her collective theories, a picture of the world and the place of man, which she has prepared over the years, which she included in the book of the University of Integrated Education which she just published. The author also included in it references to numerous studies in various fields of science, and above all vivid activities in the world, conducted for years, both at the university level and local communities, having their positive effects on an individual, social and global scale.
Motivating current science representatives to join interdisciplinary groups and teams to prepare the foundations for a new world view, based on an ecological and ecocentric perspective for building a philosophy of science as well as the paradigm of well-being and health at all levels of education. It will become a leaven for involving everyone without exception in activities for broadly understood health and well-being - through theories to the practice of life.


  • Gathering access of individuals ready to cooperate and integrate<BR> Choosing an initiative group
  • • Finding existing initiatives and starting integration activities for building work teams to create an open synthesis model
  • • Implanting the model into practice and expanding the scale of this model
  • Implementing the model into practice and expanding the scale of this model


  • • Rich literature by the author
  • • Drawing on the author's personal research experience, own experiences and other researchers • study visits to existing centers for learning from experience.

For the next two years

Each vision and model needs different people for verification and implementation. The creator or designer is often one, but the implementation of his idea needs a team. This kind of vision needs a meeting of enthusiasts, people dedicated to ideas. This model or way of seeing the world and man, based on a new paradigm, is to appeal to them, because they already have inside themselves some element of this broad vision. These are internally motivated people who want to do something for others, and especially to save themselves, next generations and the world from global threats. They are to attach their talents, predispositions, and ready ideas to the model. I offer a wide perspective, an idea, with places for other approaches, options, and existing initiatives.

Ewa Bialek
The Institute Of Psychosynthesis

Dr Ewa D. Bialek, longlife scientist in the field of medicine and practicing psychosynthesis over 20 years, represents systemic (synthetic) point of view concerning as well individual health and well being as outer activities, technologies and health service and environmental caring.
Ewa Białek is passionate about well-being / health in order to achieve sustainable human development and holistic health (including body, mind and spirit). Over the years of her scientific researches, and later using psychosynthesis, she created theory and practice in systemic solutions, starting with raising children, health education and well-being in many aspects of everyone's life. She gathered her theory in her new book entitled UNIVERSITY OF INTEGRATED EDUCATION, and earlier - in many practical implementations, such as author’s programs highly rated by students and people with whom she contacted. She gathered her experience both in self-study manuals and in pedagogical, medical and psychological books. She presented her project of practical integration of many industries and technologies twice at Life Science Open Space meetings in previous years.