Demand for artificial intelligence

Annually, more than 14 millions of new cancer cases are recognized worldwide, of which more than 150 thousands in Poland. The number of patients requiring oncological care is growing, as is the complexity of therapy. The analysis of a large amount of data from ever-evolving biochemical, molecular or imaging studies is already a challenge today, both for a scientist looking for new therapy paths and for a practitioner who would later lead patients in these paths. The degree of personalization of treatment is increasing: on the one hand, it increasingly allows the selection of therapy adapted to specific disorders in the metabolism of the cancer cell, on the other hand, due to the complications of the therapeutic process, forcing doctors to specialize in the treatment of only a certain group of cancers.

Among modern trends noticeable in epidemiology as well as training of medical staff, optimization of the effectiveness of everyday clinical practice seems to be a pressing issue today. Can artificial intelligence come with help? The presentation will bring the physician-clinician's perspective regarding the need for improved methods of analyzing large data sets.

Meet the presenter:

Paweł Potocki

A graduate of the medical faculty of the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, a specialist in clinical oncology, currently an employee of the local Oncology Department and Clinic. He deals with patients with breast, gastrointestinal and prostate cancers. Involved in didactic and scientific work as well as clinical trials. Member of the Polish Society of Clinical Oncology. Responsible for implementing information technology in the parent unit, with particular emphasis on building effective information flow structures and standardizing medical records. Deeply convinced of the importance of continuous optimization of the use of the potential of medical personnel and the role that new technologies will play in this process.

We invite you to listen to the entire presentation during this year's edition
Life Science Open Space.
19.10.2016, godz. 9:00-20:00
ICE Congress Center ul. Maria Konopnicka 17 Cracow