Prodrobot - a rehabilitation robot

Prodromus Sp. z o. o. is a certified developer and producer of the Prodrobot rehabilitation robot, an automated gait trainer. The robot has been present on the commercial market in Poland since 2015, and through numerous promotional activities it is becoming more and more widely known in Europe and in the world. The history of the company and the device itself has been featured in national media many times, which makes Prodrobot itself and its creators known in both rehabilitation and startup environments.

Promotion of the company, equipment and the opportunity to gain valuable sales contacts as well as in the field of research and technical cooperation.

Based on the current solution, an adult construction will be created. We are happy to establish contacts with potential direct clients in the country and abroad. In the case of direct contact, we offer potential cooperation at the stage of product implementation on the market (e.g. tests in a hospital), and then for direct partners, an attractive discount from the official market price. If potential suppliers or subcontractors in the technical field participate in the event, we will gladly get acquainted with their offer.

Meet the presenter:

Bartłomiej Wielogórski

To build a medical robot, you need a whole bunch of papers - that's what he did from the beginning, and that's how it has been.
W Prodromus Sp. z o. o he is responsible for management, quality system, service, business relations and everything that is related to documents in some way.
Privately, lover of all physical activity and passionate DIY.