Elite Medical Card

During the presentation, the President of the Board of the Brzeziny Specialist Hospital will talk about the advantages of hospital privatization and the opportunities it brings, both for doctors and administration, but above all for patients. The consequence of the privatization and modern management of the facility is the project to create an "Elite Medical Card" - a card that provides access to the best specialists working at the Brzeziny Specialist Hospital as well as to doctors and therapies available in medical facilities from all over the world. We want to create a global network of facilities that will provide, as part of cooperation, the latest diagnostic and treatment methods unavailable to the average patient. The program will be launched at the beginning of 2019, and we want to issue over 5000 such cards by the end of next year.

Offer, i.e. the purpose of the presentation

The aim of the presentation is primarily to show how important prophylaxis is, especially for active people who, despite "taking care of themselves", forget about the tests they should perform, for example due to their profession, type of sports activity or genetic burden. We would like to attract potential partners and customers to join the campaign by creating a unique and comprehensive premium offer for B2C and B2B customers. We direct our offer to medical facilities, specialist diagnostic laboratories, rehabilitation offices, health resorts and all health care facilities.

About the Presenter

The Brzeziny Specialist Hospital is one of the most modern medical facilities in the Łódź region. It has more than 180 places for patients who are treated in nine wards, among others: internal diseases (with neurology and cardiology), surgery (general, oncological, traumatic-orthopedic), gynecological-obstetric, pediatric-neonatological. We carry out all diagnostic and laboratory tests, offering not only hospital treatment, but also the advice of specialist doctors working in our Multi-Specialist Medical Clinic.

Jacek Sokołowski

Jacek Sokołowski

The clinics of patients receive a dozen specialties: surgeons, neurologists, pulmonologists, orthopedists and traumatologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, rheumatologists, dermatologists and venologists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, dentists. You can also perform all laboratory and diagnostic tests here, using also the equipment at the hospital's disposal. The Brzeziny Specialist Hospital was modernized and expanded at a cost of over PLN 30 million in a year and a half. Only in 2014, 6 million PLN was spent on new medical equipment. Patients are treated under a contract with the National Health Fund, the hospital also provides paid medical services.

We invite you to listen to the entire presentation during this year's edition
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11.10.2018, godz. 9:00-22:00
ICE Congress Center ul. Maria Konopnicka 17 Cracow

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