From testing to deployment

The Malopolska Incubator of Social Innovation is a project implemented by the Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow since August 2016 in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

The project's goal is to improve the quality of care services for dependent people: the elderly and people with disabilities. The Incubator's activities focus on inspiring, supporting and promoting innovative solutions, activating Social Innovators, experts, enthusiasts, philanthropists and specialists, representatives of local government units, researchers, business people and social workers, in other words - all those working in the area of ​​social support.

We have gathered a group of socially aware and committed people around the Incubator who are looking for different ways and opportunities to face the challenges posed by society and the times in which we live. The key is the issue of support and care services for the elderly and disabled. Thanks to our work on innovations, we updated our knowledge about the real needs of Lesser Poland residents, and the real possibilities to satisfy them.

In order to use the potential of work, relationships and opportunities, 15 Social Innovations in the area of ​​care services for dependent persons - residents of Małopolska - have been prepared, financed and tested so far.

After evaluation, assessment of effectiveness and social consultations, 4 Innovations was selected, which, according to the members of the Social Innovation Council - representatives of institutions and entities implementing social policy tasks in Lesser Poland - should be disseminated on a wide (systemic) scale.

Selected Innovations included:

  1. "Organizer of Comprehensive Care in the Place of Residence"; executor: NZOZ Home Care Center,
  2. Moto-sensory path, producer: Cracow University of Technology,
  3. Time for activity! Internet platform for people with intellectual disabilities - Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Down Syndrome "Rainbow" in Krakow,
  4. Shopping without barriers - Commune of Kęty

At present, the project is in the testing phase of subsequent Innovations, adopted as part of the third round of the competition, among which technological solutions predominate, providing support in the field of telecare, using artificial intelligence, intelligent clothing and computer applications that safely introduce dependent persons and their caregivers into the era of technology , improving, facilitating and raising the standard and quality of care services provided.

We will gladly present the details of the adopted innovations during the presentation.

Offer, i.e. the purpose of the presentation

Preparing for the period of dissemination of tested innovations, we count on interest from public and private sector entities operating in the area of ​​care, medical and educational services, as well as modern technologies and innovative solutions.

We are counting on cooperation with companies operating in the field of promotion, PR, BRAND Marketing and broadly understood business, which, by disseminating, also commercially tested by the Innovation Incubator, will ensure a maximally wide market for innovative solutions in the area of ​​care services for dependent persons.

About the Presenter

The Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow is an independent organizational unit operating as a separate budget unit of the Malopolska Voivodship Government.

The purpose of ROPS is to implement the tasks of the local government of the province. Małopolska in the field of social policy, in particular social assistance, combating social exclusion, combating violence, supporting family and foster care, as well as tasks entrusted on the basis of other provisions, agreements and contracts.

Anita Parszewska

Anita Parszewska

Anita Parszewska - Project manager of the Małopolska Incubator of Social Innovation, local government employee, manager, especially keen on innovative social solutions.


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