CR monitor - IT tools for clinical trials

Monitor CR is a start-up that was created to commercialize innovative software supporting the clinical trial process at every stage. The software consists of 3 applications, also called Monitor Tools:

  1. eSource Recruiter - application and website supporting the recruitment process of centers, researchers and patients for clinical trials. It allows the research sponsor (pharmaceutical company) to find a center with the appropriate infrastructure and resources to carry out the research, as well as to find a researcher with experience and appropriate competences to carry out the study. It also allows you to reach potential study participants and inform them about open recruitment.
  2. eSource Manager - software for centers carrying out clinical trials (hospitals), which supports the management of the research process. It enables the creation of projects and teams involved in them (both administrative employees and researchers) and an individual audit plan and procedure price list. It supports the supervision of the course of the study, monitoring of the implemented procedures and settlements with the sponsor.
  3. eSource Viewer - software for the sponsor of the clinical trial and the CRO company, which enables remote access to the anonymised medical records of patients participating in the trial in order to monitor the trial. Thanks to the integration with the centre's IT system, the sponsor's representatives entitled to access medical documentation (Clinical Research Associate - CRA) have the ability to remotely view data. Currently, monitoring of medical records is performed through direct CRA visits to the center. eSource Viewer allows you to eliminate some direct visits, which reduces costs and shortens the time of study monitoring.

Monitor tools are currently at the stage of pilot implementations in 2 largest clinical trial centers in Poland and at 1 clinical trial sponsor - an international pharmaceutical company (Big Pharma). The launch of full versions and sales is planned for the first quarter of 2017.

We are looking for potential customers - users of our software: clinical research centers (mainly large hospitals) and sponsors of clinical trials (pharmaceutical companies) and CRO companies (Clinical Research Organizations). We offer the possibility of test implementations and preferential software purchase conditions for first users.

We are also looking for technology partners from the group of IT systems providers for hospitals (HIS and eHR systems) to integrate these systems with our software.
At the DEMO stand, we could present a demo version of our applications, enable registration in the database of centers and researchers and potential research participants (eSource Recruiter), as well as provide information on clinical trials (market data, information about key players, information about ongoing research) - we have very rich material on this topic.

Meet the presenter:

Martyna Carrier

Monitor CR's CEO responsible for operational management as well as creating, implementing and controlling the company's strategy. Her tasks also include representing companies and sales activities, reporting, reporting to investors, overseeing current operations and employees, and operational issues. He has many years of experience in the marketing and social research industry as well as market analyzes, including the commercialization of innovative projects and the acquisition of investments.