Technology Transfer

A demo case that is going to promote Małopolska within the Vanguard Initiative will be a show case on production and application of biodegradable polymers produced by bacteria - polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) - from bioresources. These biopolymers have a wide range of applications in different industries thanks to their broad physicochemical characteristics. The Leader on this demo-case, J. Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences (ICSC PAS), has already secured funds (€ 3.7 million) that will allow for construction of a demo plant for PHA production. It is envisaged that in the next year a facility capable of carrying out 200L PHA fermentations, with up- and down-stream facilities, will be build. The possible cooperation within the regions of Vanguard Initiative will be presented.

Exploiting the potential of bacterial polymers

Maciej Guzik
Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Jerzy Haber of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Cyfronet