The use of bacteriophages for therapeutic purposes

The company's industry profile is focused on pharmacy and biotechnology - a future-oriented, pro-innovative high technology sector. As part of its operations, the Company carries out research work including basic and application research and development work aimed at developing a technology for producing phage products on an industrial scale.
Biophage Pharma SA has been carrying out projects related to the search for lytic bacteriophages that can be used in the therapy of infections caused by drug-resistant pathogens since 2012. Infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains pose a major challenge to modern medicine. They pose a problem not only in inpatient care, but also among the general population.

The company's goal is to create a bacteriophage bank directed against many bacterial species (both Gram-negative and Gram-positive). The banking of accurately characterized phages, together with the host strains, will allow their subsequent rapid use in the event of the need for infection therapy. This approach allows the production of a medicinal product "on demand" or in a situation where global resistance trends of bacterial strains change. The advantage of phages over antibiotics is mainly about the effect on microbiota. Phages do not eliminate the physiological flora of the patient being treated. By acting selectively, they do not disturb the patient's balance, which could lead to the development of secondary infections, as is the case with antibiotics.

The company is looking for students or young graduates interested in doing apprenticeships or internships. We offer work in a relaxed atmosphere, learn basic laboratory techniques and training. We are waiting for talented and ambitious people. We offer employment for the best.

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