Science Trainers

The community of science trainers has been developing in Poland since March 2017, i.e. since the organization of the first edition of the certification course. The members of the group are scientists who are able to transfer knowledge and develop specialized skills using coaching methodology. The group of graduates of the Science Trainers Course currently consists of 50 people and consists of scientific employees active at a dozen or so universities and in several institutions and companies in the country. They are an alternative and a fully professional complement to long-standing business trainers. They use a similar basic methodology, but they expand it with development tools for highly qualified employees. The community is dynamically developing and expanding the scope of activities by participating in research and didactic projects of a voluntary, grant and non-grant nature.

Offer, i.e. the purpose of the presentation

The purpose of the presentation is to show the potential of the group and the possibility of cooperation with its members, obtaining tangible benefits for both partners and direct beneficiaries of activities. During the speech, as well as during conversations included in the panel, examples of projects, methods used and results achieved by science trainers active in various market sectors and fields of science will be cited. The lecture will cover not only commercial activities, but also popular science, dissemination and volunteer groups. In addition, LSOS participants will be invited to present their suggestions and ideas for developing a community of science trainers throughout the country.

The community's past activities are:

  1. informative (running the website; running a fan page on Facebook and a discussion forum on LinkedIn; editing the Science Trainer Guide (in electronic version)
  2. training, including certification (Science Trainers Course), addressed to the academic staff and other groups of beneficiaries
  3. popularizing (keeping headings in journals for academic staff; book publications in preparation)
  4. project (participation in grant and non-grant projects organized by public institutions and NGOs)
  5. development (development of new coaching methods and tools for scientists)

Skills of science trainers:

  • conducting trainings using various methods of active didactics
  • transfer of your specialist knowledge both at the university and in the enterprise
  • developing proprietary training programs
  • using own sets of exercises for students, scientists or colleagues from the private sector

About the Presenter

Justyna Małkuch-Świtalska

Justyna Małkuch-Świtalska


We invite you to listen to the entire presentation during this year's edition
Life Science Open Space.
11.10.2018, godz. 9:00-22:00
ICE Congress Center ul. Maria Konopnicka 17 Cracow

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