IMMUNMED specialist clinics

Venus & Mars limited liability company. The owner of the IMMUNMED brand, i.e. specialist outpatient clinics for immunological and oncological patients, was created out of the need of the heart and the need to provide care for immunological and oncological patients because the founder of the IMMUNMED brand and the president of the company Venus & Mars is a celiac and her 11 summer daughter, and her whole family is ill for cancer. Lack of understanding of the complexity of celiac disease, the consequences of its undiagnosis and non-treatment contributed to the creation of IMMUNMED under the substantive care of Professor Anna Pituch Noworolska - University Hospital of the Jagiellonian University Krakow-Prokocim and Dr. Ewa Danuta Białek - Institute of Psychosynthesis Warsaw.

The need for proper diagnostics, forms of treatment, care of a dietitian, psychologist, and rehabilitator resulted in the idea of ​​a holistic approach to the patient and man. Thanks to the unbelievable knowledge of both women resulting from clinical work with the patient and our own experience, we are able to meet the expectations of both parties: a doctor treating immune diseases and the needs of an immune patient, i.e. the ideal of cooperation. Because we care about the availability of such clinics for patients in every major city, we intend to network them as part of projects for SMEs. Caring for the quality of the services provided, we want to introduce IMMUNMED as a franchise, but with the certification of doctors and other medical staff conducted by both Ladies who take care of the project, and from the patient's point of view there will be certification conducted by us, i.e. Edyta Kalandyk and Krystian Siemiński, owners of IMMUNMED and founders and presidents of non-profit organizations: the Polish Woman-Woman Association and the League of the Future Foundation - the initiators of the World Center for Immunological and Oncological Patient Support.

Offer, i.e. the purpose of the presentation

The offer is addressed to students of medicine, dietetics, psychology, health sciences, physiotherapists and physiotherapists. Our expectation is openness of mind, willingness to improve one's competences, ability to work in a team and a holistic approach to the patient. Empathy and understanding of the suffering man ... NECESSARY CONDITION !!!

We offer internships, apprenticeships, commission contracts, cooperation agreements, in some cases full-time employment.

Employment formula

About the Presenter

Edyta Kalandyk

Edyta Kalandyk

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