Technology transfer in Poland

The main reasons for implementing the BIC project were: lack of sufficient experience in bringing biomarker-based products to the market and the need to improve the level of diagnostics and personalized healthcare in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. The project started in September 2017 and will end in September 2020. The total budget of the BIC project is EUR 2,55 million. The project is implemented as part of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region program.
The BIC project aims to develop a number of tools and results that facilitate the commercialization process of biomarker products: from a selection system that allows the selection of innovative biomarkers / having the greatest commercial potential, through a set of tools covering technical, business and legal issues of commercialization, to a guide to good practices based on real experiences of participants in the process of biomarker development and commercialization.
Currently, the 6-month testing period of the tool kit being the main result of the project is underway. After the pilotage, they will be improved based on the obtained data and made available in the final form. Then, it is planned to disseminate and implement tools in the IVD product commercialization mechanism in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

The BIC project consortium cordially invites you to participate in the process of validating tools for commercialization of IVD products based on biomarkers. Testing and subsequent improvement of tools is extremely important in the context of their implementation to the standards used in the commercialization of IVD products. In a broader perspective, the invitation also covers the aspect of building a strong environment / network related to the IVD area in the Baltic Sea region and beyond, which will contribute to the development of personalized medicine and its accessibility.
Cooperation is possible on 3 planes:
1) testing of a screening tool for typing innovative / having the largest commercial potential IVD products based on biomarkers (target groups: Technology Transfer Centers, business developers, commercialization oriented scientists);
2) joining the testing of a set of tools (covering technical, business and legal aspects) for which the pilot phase has already begun (target groups: scientists, SMEs; the BIC consortium has started 16 pilot; joining the testing will be possible subject to the positive decision of the BIC consortium)
3) use / access to improved tools in the spring of 2020 year
Benefits of testing BIC commercialization tools
• gaining access to structured knowledge in the field of biomarker commercialization, from biomarker identification to launch in the form of a test;
• gaining access to an international network of contacts related to activities in the area of ​​biomarkers and total IVD;
• contribution to the development of effective tools for the commercialization of IVD products based on biomarkers;
• benefits related to the increased recognition of a given biomarker project due to participation in an international venture;
• acquiring a niche competence to optimize the commercialization process of diagnostic tests based on biomarkers in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

If you want to report involvement in the project, please contact:
1) Katarzyna Piwowarczyk:, phone + 48 71 798 58 75
2) Paweł Myszczyński:, phone + 48 71 798 58 08

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Katarzyna Piwowarczyk
Wrocław Technology Park

Since 2013 at Research Department of Wroclaw Technology Park. Microbiologist, biotechnologist, apart from research work she is responsible for managing and coordinating activities connected with NUTRIBIOMED cluster, stimulating the cooperation between R&D and industry. She is responsible for managing and realization of project, also B+R. Currently she is managing international project called Biomarker Commercialization (Interreg BSR) which aims to develop a number of tools facilitating the commercialization of IVD biomarker products.