Many drug discovery scientists are convinced that they will perform their research in best possible way by themselves. Is it always the truth? What actually means “the best possible way”? When it makes sense to support yourself with research outsourcing? What can be outsourced and what should stay in-house? The presentation based on Selvita’s experience will highlight strengths and weaknesses of outsourcing in drug discovery programs.

Selvita offers drug discovery services. From hit finding to preclinical candidate selection. From single activities (e.g. protein production or chemical synthesis etc.) trough custom packages (synthesis+biological characterization) up to integrated projects covering majority of activities we can support your drug discovery project.

Presenter: Wojciech Czardybon

R&D Consulting Director at SELVITA SA. He received a doctoral degree at the Silesian University of Technology. He has been working for Selvita since 2008. Dr. Czardybon led the SEL24 project - the first Polish project to introduce the compound to clinical trials in the USA. Currently, he is involved in supporting type projects drug discovery for Selvita customers.