BRIdge Alfa jako wsparcie

We would like to present the possibilities for entering the new markets, based on our experience. The offer has the character of business support for Polish companies. DREBERIS has been supporting Polish companies in their activities on foreign markets for 20 years. Thanks to our headquarters in Germany and Switzerland we are able to support Polish companies in establishing business contacts.

Cooperation options:
a) Search for business partners
On your behalf we will identify appropriate companies, and then contact them and verify the possibilities of cooperation. The aim of the action is to lead to specific business meetings that will allow you to start selling on a foreign market in cooperation with a local partner.

b) Determining the specifics of the market
The specificity and requirements of the local market often differ from the situation in Poland. This may relate to customer requirements, a different competitive approach. This forces a review of the company’s approach to many issues. In this case, we can carry out market analysis in the form of a quick study or extensive analysis.

c) Business action plan
Depending on the selected model of operation on the local market, we are able to prepare an action plan that will allow you to consciously achieve the set goals. This plan may concern, among others sales and marketing channels that you should use. We can also outline the way of positioning on the local market or indicate the right form of business activity

Benefits of the offer:
a) starting / increasing sales in Switzerland, Germany or Austria – proper selection of local business partners

b) expansion into the Swiss , Austrian or German market with a partner (DREBERIS) who has relevant relationships and knowledge.

c) cooperation with the DREBERIS team in Germany and Switzerland allows to break the cultural barrier, increases the trust of local partners, which facilitates establishing new foreign contacts.

Agnieszka Początek