Kariera i rozwój zawodowy

B2J or BRIDGE TO JAPAN was established in Japan in 2019 which is the hundredth anniversary of the mutual relationship of Poland and Japan as the platform to bridge both countries’ industries and companies.

In September 2019, B2J had a meeting with Poland Embassy in Tokyo to discuss how both will cooperate to help Polish companies. Life Science Open Space 2019 in Kraków is the first opportunity for B2J to make announcement and we hope it will be a good starting point.

B2J consists of experienced Japanese business professionals who are ready to help Polish companies enter Japan market by providing them with market information and advice for their early-stage strategic planning. Such services by B2J shall be free of charge unless otherwise any agreement is entered into.

Just as fruitful relationship was made by the people in the first 100 years of Poland and Japan, we would like to make new efforts in the second 100 year period starting this year.

B2J works ONLY IF it is reasonably expected that the Polish company will be competitive enough in Japan. We think most of the SIMPLE FACT that a company succeeds if it is competitive while it loses if it is NOT competitive. We share this view with Polish professionals such as venture capital founders, business owners and legal attorneys among others.

Our screening process, COMPETITIVENESS TEST, will focus only on whether or not the Polish company’s product/ technology/ service will be competitive and successful in Japan. We do not necessarily think much of social impact, novelty, originality or any other things.

In order to utilize B2J, a Polish company needs to do research on its competitiveness in comparison to existing and future competitors in Japan as well as from all over the world and prepare the COMPARISON REPORT, which shall be written preferably in good Japanese or in English. In the report the Polish company needs to demonstrate its competitiveness in an evidence-based way.

Reviewing the report included in the proposal from the Polish company, Executive Office (EO) of B2J will decide whether it will work on the proposed project subject to our time and budget constrain.

In the AFTER-B2J stage, as requested, B2J will recommend/ introduce for the Polish company appropriate consultants, lawyers and potential partners etc.

Junichiro Koshi

Junichiro Koshi was originally an investment banker active in financial markets of New York and Tokyo until 2000 after his graduation from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law in 1978.  Today he is CEO of Takegoodcare, an e-learning company for pharmacists and Seon, a management consulting company.  
He gave lectures in seminars sponsored by professional firms such as Morgan Stanley and in inhouse executive seminars in The Supreme Public Prosecutors Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JR East, Nippon Steel Engineering among others in addition to business schools and Seon Keiei Juku, an executive training course he established.
He was well-known as a turnaround professional, the story which was made into TV drama “HAGETAKA”, a blockbuster.
He published well-accepted books including “Keys to Turnaround”, “Private Equity – Keys to Success” and “Business Risks in Asia After China Shock”, which he wrote based on his experience as a senior advisor of BankThai, a government-sponsored bank in Thailand.
He is deeply interested in Poland and its music and in February 2019 sang as a chorus member in Japanese premier of STRASZNY DWÓR in Tokyo, when Cześnikowa was performed by the first-class Japanese mezzo soprano singer TOKOMO KURIBAYASHI, his wife.